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Agrandir Close-up of a person with brown eyes and smooth skin. They are wearing the Oparis Septum in 925 Sterling Silver with Opal by Kaya Movement, featuring an ornate design that perfectly complements their subtle opal jewelry. The person has a calm expression, and their lips are slightly parted.
Agrandir The Oparis Septum by Kaya Movement is an elegant 925 sterling silver septum ring, adorned with intricate bead detailing on its lower half and a central opalescent gem. With its partially open semicircular shape, this piece of Bohemian jewelry adds a unique and trendy touch to any nose piercing collection.
Agrandir The Oparis Septum in 925 Sterling Silver with Opal by Kaya Movement lies delicately on a smooth, gray stone surface. This unique and trendy piece of Bohemian jewelry features a 1mm gauge ring adorned with an opal gemstone at its center. The ring's symmetrical design is enhanced by tiny silver beads arranged in an arched pattern around the opal, creating an elegant visual effect. Blurred red and green elements in the background further complement its alternative fashion allure.
Agrandir Introducing the Oparis Septum by Kaya Movement, crafted in 925 sterling silver. This unique and trendy piece features an open circular design with beaded detailing along the lower curve, accented with a central opal gemstone surrounded by a decorative border. Ideal for real nose piercings, this delicate and elegant Bohemian jewelry offers an alternative fashion statement with its 1mm gauge.
Agrandir An instructional image featuring two Kaya Movement Oparis Septum nose rings made of 925 sterling silver, adorned with opal. The first ring is closed, while the second ring is slightly open with an arrow showing the motion to twist the wire horizontally. The text reads, "HOW TO OPEN: Twist the wire horizontally to preserve the shape of your Oparis nose ring.
Agrandir Image of a 925 sterling silver septum with an opal from Kaya Movement, featuring bohemian jewelry and alternative fashion styles. The image lists tips for opal jewelry care: avoid sleeping with your jewelry, keep away from chemicals, store separately, and remove before washing, swimming, sauna use, or physical activities.
Agrandir A stylish Oparis Septum in 925 Sterling Silver, featuring an intricate opal design, is displayed in an eco-friendly, open cardboard box emblazoned with the branded logo "Kaya Movement." The box is surrounded by various opal jewelry and gold-toned accessories, including snake and skull trinkets.

Oparis Septum in 925 Sterling Silver with Opal: Bohemian Jewelry, Alternative Fashion, Real Nose Piercing, 1mm Gauge, Unique Trendy Style

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Magnify your aura with the Oparis septum, where the brilliance of sterling silver meets opal's captivating beauty.

Perfect for bohemian souls and alternative fashion enthusiasts, this piece brings a unique touch of elegance. The opal, a symbol of creativity, wonderfully refracts light. With a 1mm gauge, Oparis is the ultimate addition for genuine piercing lovers.

Perfect for:
✔️ Bohemian fashion enthusiasts
✔️ Those seeking unique, genuine jewelry
✔️ Nose piercings, also fits Tragus and Lobe


Material - 925 silver

Wire thickness: 1 mm


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Oparis Septum in 925 Sterling Silver with Opal: Bohemian Jewelry, Alternative Fashion, Real Nose Piercing, 1mm Gauge, Unique Trendy Style


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