Kaya Movement
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Agrandir A pair of Lotus Flower earrings from Kaya Movement rests on a dark, textured surface. These handmade brass wire earrings feature intricate mandala designs with circular and crescent-shaped patterns along the edges, giving them an elegant and traditional appearance. A thin white branch is visible to the left.
Agrandir A close-up of a Kaya Movement Lotus Flower Pair Earring, a piece of handmade mandala brass jewelry, lying on a dark, textured surface. The earring boasts intricate patterns and detailing, illuminated by soft lighting that highlights its craftsmanship, with part of another similar earring visible in the blurred background.
Agrandir A close-up photograph showcasing the intricate design of the Lotus flower Pair Earrings by Kaya Movement, highlighting the handmade mandala brass pattern against a textured, black background. The gold earrings feature a curved shape adorned with circular and spiral motifs, creating an elegant and ornate appearance.
Agrandir Close-up of an intricately designed gold necklace placed on a dark, textured surface. The necklace features ornamental patterns with circular and swirling elements and a string that appears to be partially draped over it, evoking the elegance similar to Kaya Movement's Lotus Flower Pair Earrings Handmade Mandala Brass Jewelry.
Agrandir Close-up image of a golden decorative ornament featuring intricate heart-shaped designs. The detailed metalwork, reminiscent of the Lotus Flower Pair Earrings from Kaya Movement, displays curved lines and dots against a dark, textured background. The focus highlights the artistry and fine craftsmanship of this handmade mandala brass jewelry piece.
Agrandir Close-up image of an intricately designed, gold-colored Lotus flower mandala earring from Kaya Movement, featuring swirls and loops against a dark background. The handmade brass jewelry is slightly out of focus, emphasizing its delicate curves and craftsmanship.
Agrandir A pair of Lotus flower earrings from Kaya Movement, crafted from brass and featuring intricate mandala designs, is displayed against a black background. These handmade earrings showcase ornate patterns with tiny loops and curves, creating an elegant and vintage appearance.
Agrandir The Lotus Flower Pair Earrings from Kaya Movement feature intricate ornamental designs with circular patterns reminiscent of Mandala earrings and decorative detailing around the hoop, creating an elegant and ornate appearance. The solid black background beautifully highlights these handmade mandala brass jewelry pieces.
Agrandir Two packages from Kaya Movement are displayed on a wooden surface. On the left is a cardboard pillow box featuring the company's logo, name, and contact information. On the right is a black drawstring pouch with similar branding and details, making it an ideal gift for their exquisite handmade brass Lotus Flower Pair earrings.

Lotus flower Pair earrings handmade mandala brass jewelry

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Mandala earrings lotus flower design - for your personal collection or the perfect gift for her.

The dimensions of the earring are 5cm diameter.
They weigh 7 grams each and work well with tunnels too.

The wire thickness is 1 mm - the wire is made of brass.

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Lotus flower Pair earrings handmade mandala brass jewelry


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