Kaya Movement
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Zoom Two Teardrop Tunnel Plugs from Kaya Movement in rose gold, positioned upright and side by side against a white background. These 14 gauge earrings, designed for ear piercings, have a polished finish similar to surgical steel, creating a sleek and elegant appearance.
Zoom A close-up shot of a person's ear adorned with a Kaya Movement Teardrop Tunnel Plug in rose gold, inserted into the earlobe as a 0 gauge piercing. The hollow center of the flesh tunnel reveals the skin within, while the surrounding area appears slightly reddish. Strands of hair are partially visible around the ear.
Zoom Displayed on a wooden surface, this set of four irregularly shaped metal rings from Kaya Movement—a collection of Teardrop Tunnel Plugs in rose gold—boasts a handcrafted tribal plug design. The 14 gauge teardrop-shaped rings feature smooth edges and a glossy finish that reflects light beautifully.
Zoom A hand is holding four rose gold metallic shapes resembling components of handcrafted tribal plugs by Kaya Movement: a small strip, two medium-sized oval rings, and one large teardrop ring. They are all placed on the palm against a light-colored background.
Zoom A collage of Kaya Movement teardrop tunnel plugs and ear gauges shown in pairs. The designs feature materials like brass, surgical steel, and gemstones in diverse shapes including circular, teardrop, hollow with detailing, and crescent shapes. Text in the center reads: "All Tunnels & Plugs Sold Per Piece.
Zoom A golden snake illustration with detailed skeleton features is centered in the image, surrounded by text displaying various gauges and their millimeter equivalents. The website www.kayamovement.com is featured at the top, highlighting Kaya Movement's stunning handcrafted Teardrop Tunnel Plugs in rose gold, 14 gauge earrings, flesh tunnels, 0 gauge ear plugs, and surgical steel stretched ear tunnels.
Zoom Image of a black jewelry box from the "Kaya Movement" featuring an embossed pattern and gold logo. The text on the image includes tips for jewelry care: remove before showering, sauna, swimming, and physical activities; avoid sleeping with it; keep away from chemicals; store in a box. Ideal for storing your handcrafted Teardrop Tunnel Plugs - Rose Gold Ear Gauges Piercing - 14 Gauge Earrings - Flesh Tunnels or 0 gauge ear Gold Plugs.

Teardrop Tunnel Plugs - Rose Gold Ear Gauges Piercing - 14 Gauge Earrings - Flesh Tunnels - 0 gauge ear - Gold Plugs



°°° TORA °°°

Stretched ear tunnel teardrop shape look.
Handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail, this tribal plug is a must-have.

Material - Surgical steel / Rose Gold PVD
Different sizes available check in the variation option.
The dimensions are taken from the outer part of the plugs.

Teardrop Tunnel Plugs - Rose Gold Ear Gauges Piercing - 14 Gauge Earrings - Flesh Tunnels - 0 gauge ear - Gold Plugs


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