Kaya Movement
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Edgy alternative wear

Ethically crafted body jewelry, clothing and leather goods

Kaya Movement was born out of my emancipation from the establishment. I wanted to create a movement that redefined consumerism and conformity through creative expression and meaningful craft. 

Emerging from this was a deeply personal collection of edgy alternative wear, fearlessly crafted, beautifully complex, and passionately engineered. 

Designed to provoke and stimulate, my creations come from the depths of the natural and alien world, where strange and beautiful things lay buried. Creatures of bold aesthetics and sensual forms, pulsating in their authenticity. 

Slow and Meaningful

As a small-scale designer, I'm committed to the slow fashion and fair trade movement. My collections are ethically produced in limited quantities once a year, with some pieces made to order. Thus, there's never a surplus or waste issue and resources are used sparingly.

My low waste policy focuses on collecting leftover material from previous productions & repurposing them into new designs. By choosing quality materials and working on each piece with careful attention, I aim to prolong the lifetime of my pieces.

Keeping it local

Close working kinships are a vital part of my process, having spent many years searching for the right ‘bond’. Working with local craftsmen and locally-made materials allows me to give back in a cyclical way to the community which has always supported me. I work one-on-one with tailors who are paid above average and work in the comfort of their own homes.

My aesthetics are influenced by cyborg & biomechanical forms, post-apocalyptic & dystopian worlds, neo tribal punk aesthetics, visionary art, fractal patterns and sacred symbols. As a cross-discipline designer, I apply 3D design & printing, Illustrator, lost wax casting, and hand-tailoring in creating beautiful hybrid designs. As an emerging sustainable brand, my collections are ethically produced in small batches in a slow and meaningful way.

My Collections

Visionary Jewelry

A synergy of fractal patterns and biomechanical structures. Using 3D printing technology and lost wax casting to form remarkably intricate designs. Nothing goes to waste as leftover scraps are repurposed in new designs.

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Post-Apocalyptic Apparel

Complex silhouettes, primal textures and protruding alien forms give the impression of creatures living under its skin. A mix of refined leather and recycled leather are hand-stitched and punctuated with custom-design metal components. 

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Syzmic • Avant-garde Streetwear

A collaboration with Fia Eng to push the boundaries of creative engineering. This is an exploration in biomorphic forms, material manipulation, sculptural construction.

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