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Zoom Two teardrop silver plugs, crafted from stainless steel by Kaya Movement, are displayed against a white background. Each plug has a smooth, shiny surface with a modern, slightly curved design, resembling an open loop.
Zoom Close-up of an ear with a Kaya Movement Teardrop Silver Plug inserted in a stretched ear tunnel. The ear and plug are in focus, while the background features out-of-focus dark hair and skin.
Zoom A person's hand holding four silver teardrop-shaped plugs of varying sizes, likely made from stainless steel, designed as ear gauges or flesh tunnels. The hand is open, palm up, with the Teardrop Silver Plugs by Kaya Movement resting on the palm and fingers against a light background.
Zoom A black and white image showcasing four Teardrop silver plugs by Kaya Movement, crafted from stainless steel. The various sizes and shapes include two circular plugs resembling surgical steel pieces, one with a thicker band and more rounded shape, and an oval-shaped plug with a thinner band reminiscent of a stretched ear tunnel.
Zoom Illustrated snake skeleton surrounded by a list of body jewelry sizes, ranging from 0 gauge (19MM) to 30MM. The banner at the top reads "www.kayamovement.com". Featuring surgical steel and tribal plug options, the text includes both gauge (G) and millimeter (MM) measurements. This includes Teardrop silver plugs and Stainless steel ear gauges from Kaya Movement.
Zoom A promotional image showcasing a variety of decorative body jewelry, featuring Kaya Movement's teardrop silver plugs, surgical steel plugs, as well as other ear gauges and flesh tunnels. The designs are crafted from high-quality materials including stainless steel, brass, and stone. The central text reads, "All Tunnels & Plugs Sold Per Piece (Select 2 Qty - Receive 1 Pair)" with a website link.
Zoom A sleek black jewelry box emblazoned with the Kaya Movement logo in gold, perfect for keeping your high-quality surgical steel Teardrop Silver Plugs safe. Ensure proper care by removing jewelry before showering, using a sauna, or engaging in physical activities; avoid sleeping with it on; keep away from chemicals; and store separately in a low-humidity environment. Ideal for storing your Kaya Movement 19mm and 30mm ear plugs.

Teardrop silver plugs - Stainless steel plug - Ear gauges Flesh tunnels piercing - 19mm plug - 0 gauge ear - 30mm plugs



°°° TORA °°°

Stretched ear tunnel teardrop shape look.
Handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail, this tribal plug is a must-have.

Material - Surgical steel
Different sizes available check in the variation option.

Teardrop silver plugs - Stainless steel plug - Ear gauges Flesh tunnels piercing - 19mm plug - 0 gauge ear - 30mm plugs


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