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Zoom The LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnels in Silver by Kaya Movement are displayed in the image. Each tunnel features a detailed lotus flower design with intricate engravings around the rim. One tunnel is shown standing upright while the other lies flat, providing both front and side views. These handcrafted tribal plugs have a polished, reflective surface and are available in gauges ranging from 4mm to 25mm.
Zoom A close-up image of an ear showcasing a handcrafted LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnel in Silver, designed with a floral pattern and a hollow center. The plug is seated in the lobe piercing, and the "Kaya Movement" logo is placed in the bottom left corner of the image.
Zoom A set of Kaya Movement's LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnels in Silver, available in sizes from 4mm to 25mm gauge, each featuring an intricate Lotus flower pattern around the edges, displayed on a textured brown surface.
Zoom Close-up of a person wearing a Kaya Movement LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnel in Silver. The jewelry, situated in an ear lobe, features intricate petal-like details around the circular tunnel in the center. The medium brown skin tone of the ear highlights the beauty of this handcrafted tribal plug, available from 4mm to 25mm gauge.
Zoom Two ornate silver earplugs for piercings are displayed. Each handcrafted tribal plug, known as the LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnel from Kaya Movement, features a decorative design resembling a lotus flower or sunburst around the outer edge. The intricate detailing on the flared border enhances its polished, antique finish with a reflective surface. Available in 4mm to 25mm gauge sizes.
Zoom A close-up of a person's ear adorned with the LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnel in silver, showcasing its intricate designs. The gauge, reminiscent of a handcrafted tribal plug, is part of Kaya Movement's collection. The bottom left corner features the text "Kaya Movement" in a stylized font.
Zoom A close-up image of four LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnels in silver, created by Kaya Movement, arranged on a textured dark brown surface. The handcrafted tribal plugs vary in size from 4mm to 25mm gauge and are designed for stretched ear piercings.
Zoom An image displaying a sizing guide for the LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnels in Silver by Kaya Movement, featuring an illustration of a coiled snake skeleton and a Lotus flower ear tunnel. The chart lists various gauge sizes in both millimeters and inches, ranging from 18G to 1 inch/25mm. The website www.kayamovement.com is prominently featured at the top.
Zoom A black jewelry box adorned with gold text that reads "Kaya Movement." The box includes icons and text outlining jewelry care tips: remove before showering, going to the beach, or engaging in activities; avoid sleeping with it; keep away from chemicals; and store separately. Ideal for your handcrafted LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnels in Silver, available in gauges from 4mm to 25mm.

LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnels in Silver | 4mm to 25mm gauge


Sold by piece or pair

°°° LOTUS °°°

Lotus flower Stretched ear tunnel.

This is the only brass earplug that you need to perform an eye-catching moment on every occasion in town.

Add it to your personal collection or offer a perfect gift to her or him. Handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail, this tribal plug is a must-have.



White Brass



4mm (6g)

5mm (4g)

6mm (2g)

8mm (0g)

10mm (00g)

12mm (1/2 inch)

14mm (9/16 inch)

16mm (5/8 inch)

18mm (11/16 inch)

20mm (13/16 inch)

22mm (7/8 inch)

25mm (1 inch)

All our jewelry is packaged and sent in an elegant, reusable box which is also perfect as gift packaging.

Have questions about size?

Get in touch with us anytime. Everyone's anatomy is unique so be sure to measure before deciding.

LOTUS Sacred Lotus Mandala Round Tunnels in Silver | 4mm to 25mm gauge


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Le cadeaux à beaucoup plus, je recommande...

Le cadeaux à beaucoup plus, je recommande !

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5 stars!

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Très belle qualité - Tout à fait satisfaite de cet article.

Charlene Gulgowski

love it thanks so much!

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Très contente 🤩
Livraison rapide
Merci beaucoup

Cerebral Design, Conscious Craft

My aesthetics are influenced by cyborg & biomechanical forms, post-apocalyptic & dystopian worlds, neo tribal punk aesthetics, visionary art, fractal patterns and sacred symbols. Working as a cross-discipline designer, I apply 3D design & printing, Illustrator, lost wax casting, and hand-tailoring in creating beautiful hybrid designs. As an emerging sustainable brand, my collections are ethically produced in small batches in a slow and meaningful way.

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A synergy of fractal patterns and biomechanical structures. Using 3D printing technology and lost wax casting to form remarkably intricate designs. Nothing goes to waste as leftover scraps are repurposed in new designs.



Complex silhouettes, primal textures and protruding alien forms give the impression of creatures living under its skin. A mix of refined leather and recycled leather are hand-stitched and punctuated with custom-design metal components. 



A collaboration with Fia Eng to push the boundaries of creative engineering. This is an exploration in biomorphic forms, material manipulation, sculptural construction.


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