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Zoom Introducing the Kaya Movement's Orixa Navel Jewelry—a boho-hippie festival handmade accessory featuring a heart-shaped black onyx gemstone set in an ornate gold brass setting. This stunning piece includes a silver surgical stainless steel curved bar and intricate details surrounding the gemstone, making it a perfect choice for those who love unique and stylish body jewelry.
Zoom Introducing the Kaya Movement Orixa Navel Jewelry: a Boho-Hippie festival handmade accessory featuring a surgical steel bar that connects a small gold-colored ball at the top to a larger, heart-shaped charm at the bottom. The charm is adorned with an ornate gold-colored brass frame, accentuated by a black onyx stone in the center.
Zoom The Orixa Navel Jewelry by Kaya Movement, featuring a heart-shaped black onyx set in surgical steel and brass, rests beautifully on a piece of textured wood. The jewelry showcases intricate floral details surrounding the black gem and is topped with a spherical gold accent. This Boho-Hippie festival handmade accessory provides a rustic contrast to its ornate design, making it truly stand out.
Zoom A close-up image of the Orixa Navel Jewelry by Kaya Movement, showcasing its heart-shaped Bohemian design made from surgical steel and brass, featuring a small black onyx gem in the center. Placed on a textured blue-green surface, this stunning handmade accessory highlights its detailed craftsmanship and elegant Boho-hippie festival style.
Zoom A black jewelry box with "Kaya Movement" embossed in gold on the lid. Text around the box provides jewelry care tips: remove before showering, swimming, or using a sauna; avoid sleeping with it; keep away from chemicals; store in a box separate from other jewelry, such as black onyx or Orixa Navel Jewelry - Heart Shape with Black Onyx - Surgical Steel & Brass - Boho-Hippie Festival Handmade Accessory.

Orixa Navel Jewelry - Heart Shape with Black Onyx - Surgical Steel & Brass - Boho-Hippie Festival Handmade Accessory



Dive into the bohemian mystique with our Orixa navel jewelry. Handcrafted with passion, this unique heart-shaped creation is adorned with a black onyx, a stone of protection and grounding. A perfect balance between softness and strength.

Perfect for:
✔️ Expressing your mysterious and bohemian side.
✔️ Enhancing your outfits at parties or festivals.
✔️ Gifting a meaningful and love-filled accessory.
✔️ Navel piercings


Bar thickness: 1.6mm - 14 ga
Bar length: 9mm
Ball diameter: 6mm
Material: Surgical Stainless Steel, Brass, turquoise stone.


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Orixa Navel Jewelry - Heart Shape with Black Onyx - Surgical Steel & Brass - Boho-Hippie Festival Handmade Accessory


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