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Zoom The Lysor 1.6mm Navel Piercing by Kaya Movement features a gold curved barbell adorned with six bright zircons of varying sizes arranged in a chic mandala pattern. This elegant and sparkly design, showcased on a textured rock background with a dark gradient, is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to both boho outfits and navel piercings alike.
Zoom The Lysor 1.6mm Navel Piercing from Kaya Movement, crafted with a gold finish, features a large, clear zircon at its base. Below it are smaller clear zircons, including one in the center and three radiating outward in a descending pattern, creating an elegant Mandala chic design perfect for navel piercings.
Zoom The Kaya Movement’s Lysor 1.6mm Navel Piercing - Mandala Chic Inspiration features a gold finish with a curved barbell design made from surgical stainless steel. Adorned with six bright zircons of varying sizes at both ends—with a larger one at the top and smaller ones clustered at the bottom—it offers unmatched elegance, perfect for navel piercings and boho outfits.
Zoom This Lysor 1.6mm Navel Piercing embodies the Mandala Chic Inspiration, featuring a gold finish and six bright zircons for unmatched elegance. The jewelry comes in a stylish box with a geometric pattern and "Kaya Movement" inscribed on the lid. Accompanying the box is care advice that includes removing your navel piercing before certain activities, proper storage tips, avoiding chemicals, and not sleeping with it to ensure its longevity. This piece is ideal for complementing boho outfits!

Lysor 1.6mm Navel Piercing - Mandala Chic Inspiration - Gold Finish with Six Bright Zircons for Unmatched Elegance



The Lysor navel piercing embodies a perfect fusion of traditional mandala and modern chic. Its six sparkling zircons, perfectly set against a gold finish, make this piece a statement of elegance. For those wishing to blend tradition and trend.

Perfect for:
✔️ Capturing light and attention.
✔️ Elevating your boho outfits from the beach to the festival.
✔️ Gifting a shimmering and trendy jewel.
✔️ Navel piercings.


Bar thickness: 1.6mm - 14 ga
Bar length: 10mm
Top cup size: 5mm

Material: 316L Surgical Steel Gold finish / Zircon.

High-quality surgical stainless steel that will not get rusty and won't influence our health.

Bar gauge is 14G, the standard size for belly button ring, lightweight and comfortable to wear.


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Lysor 1.6mm Navel Piercing - Mandala Chic Inspiration - Gold Finish with Six Bright Zircons for Unmatched Elegance


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