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Zoom A close-up view showcases the Kaya Movement's Liora Elegant Septum, a small, circular ring made of rose gold stainless steel 316L. The ring features intricate bead detailing along the lower half and boasts a smooth, shiny finish. Photographed against a white background, it casts a slight reflection below. This elegant piece is sized at 1.2mm in thickness and 8mm in diameter, making it perfect for everyday elegance for your nose, tragus or lobe.
Zoom The Liora Elegant Septum by Kaya Movement features a stunning rose gold-tone design with a beaded detail on half of the circular ring, while the other half remains a smooth, unadorned metal arc. Photographed against a white background, this stainless steel 316L jewelry piece adds subtle shine and everyday elegance whether worn in the nose, tragus, or lobe. The septum measures 1.2mm thick and 8mm in diameter.
Zoom Close-up of a person with light skin wearing the Liora Elegant Septum from Kaya Movement. The delicate, rose gold jewelry is a thin, chained piece of stainless steel 316L, centered beneath the person's nose between their nostrils. The person's eyes and lips are visible but not fully in frame.
Zoom A hand with a finger outstretched holds a small, rose gold Liora Elegant Septum ring by Kaya Movement delicately balanced on the fingertip. The background is white, and the stainless steel 316L ring is detailed with a pattern of small, round beads along part of its circumference.
Zoom A black jewelry box with gold detailing is shown. Text overlays it: "Tips: Jewelry Care for Long-Lasting Jewelry." Icons illustrate instructions: remove jewelry including your Liora Elegant Septum by Kaya Movement before showering, swimming, using chemicals, engaging in physical activities, and sleeping. Store in a box.
Zoom Two images of the Liora Elegant Septum ring by Kaya Movement are shown with the title "HOW TO OPEN." The left image displays a closed ring, while the right one shows the stainless steel 316L septum ring in rose gold partially open with a wire twisted horizontally. Below, text instructs: "Twist the wire horizontally to preserve the shape of the ring.

Liora Elegant Septum - Rose Gold Jewelry for Nose, Tragus, Lobe - Subtle Shine for Everyday Elegance - Stainless steel 316L - 1.2mm - 8mm



Inspired by delicate and refined patterns, the "Liora" septum is a truly standout piece. Its elegant design and subtle shine make it the go-to choice for those seeking a touch of daily sophistication. Perfect for highlighting the natural beauty of every wearer.

✔️ Septum
✔️ Tragus
✔️ Lobe, Conch, Helix ...


Material - Stainless steel 316L PVD Rose Gold

Wire: 1.2mm

8 mm


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Liora Elegant Septum - Rose Gold Jewelry for Nose, Tragus, Lobe - Subtle Shine for Everyday Elegance - Stainless steel 316L - 1.2mm - 8mm


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