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Zoom Two Indian Gold Brass Ear Gauges with intricate openwork designs from Kaya Movement are shown. One is standing on its edge, displaying its ornamental rim, while the other lies flat, revealing its hollow center. Resembling mandala brass tunnels with a vintage gold appearance, these handmade ethnic ear plugs make a unique addition to any collection.
Zoom A set of Indian Gold Brass Ear Gauges Tunnels Jewelry is displayed against a rustic, textured backdrop. These Ethnic Ear Plugs & Gauge Earrings from Kaya Movement feature intricate mandala designs in gold and come in varying sizes, showcasing elaborate craftsmanship with a vintage aesthetic. Perfect for body modification enthusiasts, these handmade Mandala Brass Tunnels are truly exquisite.
Zoom An image of a chart from Kaya Movement, featuring ear gauge sizes and their millimeter equivalents, with a stylized snake skeleton vertically centered. The chart, ideal for body modification enthusiasts, lists sizes from 18G (1.2MM) to 1 INCH (25MM). The website kayamovement.com is displayed above the chart.
Zoom A collage displaying an assortment of Indian Gold Brass Ear Gauge Tunnels Jewelry, including Ethnic Ear Plugs and Mandala Brass Tunnels in gold color, ideal for body modification enthusiasts. The centerpiece showcases a purple box with the message, "ALL TUNNELS & PLUGS SOLD PER PIECE (SELECT 2 QTY - RECEIVE 1 PAIR)" and features the website kayamovement.com. All items are handmade by Kaya Movement.
Zoom The Indian Gold Brass Ear Gauges Tunnels Jewelry by Kaya Movement, featuring an elegant black jewelry box adorned with gold text and patterning on the top. The box offers valuable jewelry care tips: remove before showering, beach, sauna, sports; avoid sleeping with jewelry; keep away from chemicals; store in a box away from other jewelry. It is ideal for keeping gauges safe. For more information, visit www.kayamovement.com.

Indian Gold Brass Ear Gauges Tunnels Jewelry - Ethnic Ear Plugs & Gauge Earrings - Mandala Brass Tunnels - Gold Color | Handmade Jewelry



Get ready to embrace the unique fashion trend of Gauges Jewelry Mandala Stretched Tunnel.

Ear gauges and plugs are a popular form of body modification that allows individuals to express themselves through their style. With various sizes and designs available, one can easily find the perfect ear gauges and plugs that match their personality and preferences.

Material - Golden brass
Different sizes are available to check in the variation option.
Double flared Back

How to Choose the Right Size of Gauges Jewelry Mandala Stretched Tunnel?

Choosing the right size of Gauges Jewelry Mandala Stretched Tunnel is crucial to avoid any discomfort or damage to your earlobes. It is recommended to consult with a professional piercer to determine the appropriate size of the tunnel. The size of the tunnel should be gradually increased to avoid any tearing or stretching of the earlobe.

How to Care for Ear Gauges and Plugs?
- Clean your ear gauges and plugs regularly
- Avoid sleeping with your ear gauges and plugs
- Store them in a dry and clean place

How long does it take to stretch to 00 gauges?
- It takes around 6 to 8 weeks to stretch to 00 gauges


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Indian Gold Brass Ear Gauges Tunnels Jewelry - Ethnic Ear Plugs & Gauge Earrings - Mandala Brass Tunnels - Gold Color | Handmade Jewelry


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