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Zoom A person with long, white braided hair and piercing eyes gazes intently at the camera. They are wearing large, ornate earrings, a AYA Septum Clicker by Kaya Movement (Gold, 16 gauge) adorned with Shipibo pattern inspired by icaros, and a lip ring. The person holds one hand behind their head, revealing intricate braiding details and an embellished outfit showcasing Shipibo design influences.
Zoom A woman with silver hair styled in braids looks upwards with her eyes closed. She adorns a Kaya Movement AYA Septum Clicker, inspired by Shipibo icaros patterns, a lip ring, and hoop earrings. Her fingers gently touch her neck and chest amidst a background of green, leafy foliage.
Zoom A woman with long, silver braided hair adorned with golden cuffs and beads is seen in profile. She wears large, intricate circular earrings and a black top, complemented by a Kaya Movement Brass Clicker septum ring inspired by Shipibo patterns and small facial jewelry. She has one hand behind her head and a gentle smile.
Zoom A woman with platinum blonde hair styled in intricate braids poses with her eyes closed and hand behind her head. She wears large, ornate earrings and an AYA Septum Clicker Shipibo Pattern by Kaya Movement. The background is dark with a hint of greenery at the top.
Zoom A woman with long, braided white hair stands in profile, gazing upwards with a thoughtful expression. She wears large, intricate earrings and an AYA Septum Clicker Shipibo Pattern Inspired by icaros patterns Gold from Kaya Movement. One hand gently touches her face. The background is dark and out of focus, highlighting her face and accessories.
Zoom A woman with closed eyes and light makeup wears multiple piercings, including a brass clicker septum ring from Kaya Movement's AYA collection, inspired by Shipibo patterns and icaros designs. She also sports a ring on her lower lip. Her long, silver hair is styled in braids, and she is dressed in a dark top. Her jewelry features intricate designs with large earrings showcasing elements of Shipibo artistry.
Zoom A woman with long white braids and silver jewelry poses with her arm behind her head, wearing a dark, intricately designed top featuring Shipibo patterns. She accessorizes with large circular earrings and the AYA Septum Clicker by Kaya Movement, inspired by icaros patterns in gold (16 gauge). Her eyes are accentuated with makeup against a dark and indistinct background.

AYA Septum Clicker Shipibo Pattern Inspired by icaros patterns Gold | 16 gauge


Sold by piece


Brass Clicker septum ring featuring a Shipibo design inspired by the icaros patterns, inviting you into a psychedelic experience. U-shaped body jewelry crafted from 925 sterling silver wire.

Gold brass clicker hoop ring. Unisex 16 gauge nose piercing for men & women. Created with 3D design & casting. For festivals like Burning Man, underground techno raves & daily street wear. Shop post-apocalyptic body jewelry and piercings by Kaya Movement.


Multi-use body jewelry ring for

  • Tiny Hoop Earrings
  • Septum
  • Nose
  • Helix



1.2mm (16g)



Material: Brass / 925 Sterling Silver Wire


Size & Weight

Inner diameter: 8mm

Outer diameter: 10mm

Weight: 3g per piece

Size & Weight

Inner diameter: 6mm

Outer diameter: 8mm

Weight: 2g per piece



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Handcrafted: Created using the lost wax casting process and treated with oxide to accentuate the intricate details.

Questions about sizing? Feel free to contact us anytime. Remember, everyone's anatomy is unique, so please measure carefully before making a decision.

All our jewelry is packaged and sent in an elegant, reusable box which is also perfect as gift packaging.

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Have questions about size?

Get in touch with us anytime. Everyone's anatomy is unique so be sure to measure before deciding.

AYA Septum Clicker Shipibo Pattern Inspired by icaros patterns Gold | 16 gauge


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Cerebral Design, Conscious Craft

My aesthetics are influenced by cyborg & biomechanical forms, post-apocalyptic & dystopian worlds, neo tribal punk aesthetics, visionary art, fractal patterns and sacred symbols. Working as a cross-discipline designer, I apply 3D design & printing, Illustrator, lost wax casting, and hand-tailoring in creating beautiful hybrid designs. As an emerging sustainable brand, my collections are ethically produced in small batches in a slow and meaningful way.

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A synergy of fractal patterns and biomechanical structures. Using 3D printing technology and lost wax casting to form remarkably intricate designs. Nothing goes to waste as leftover scraps are repurposed in new designs.



Complex silhouettes, primal textures and protruding alien forms give the impression of creatures living under its skin. A mix of refined leather and recycled leather are hand-stitched and punctuated with custom-design metal components. 



A collaboration with Fia Eng to push the boundaries of creative engineering. This is an exploration in biomorphic forms, material manipulation, sculptural construction.


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