About Us

Kaya Movement

Cerebral design | Primal texture


The Ethos 

Out of chaos, beauty and order emerge.

Fearlessly crafted leatherwear, jewelry, and clothing suffused with an atmosphere of chaos and beauty. The brainchild of Bruno Laignel, a multi-faceted artist who sets out to develop timeless pieces of bold aesthetics and sensual forms, which pulsate in their authenticity.

Designed to provoke and stimulate, his creations are born from the shadowy depths of the human soul where strange and beautiful things lay buried. Perpetually descending into this darkness which many avoid, he unearths and brings to life enigmatic revelations which he adapts to the language of design.

Complex but ethereal, every piece created is a contemplation on dark beauty - premeditated, loved, and surrendered to the wearer.


The Process  

Complexity is the mother of creation.

Weaving sophisticated observation with passionate inquiry, Bruno's creative process is a cyclonic swirl of ideas eventually culminating in a synchronized order of pattern and structure. By allowing himself to be directed by the process, the intimate connection between creator and creation can be felt when a piece is worn.


Fierce Leatherwear

When Bruno first laid hands on the soft, terrestrial grain of animal skin, he could feel its primordial, mystical nature emerge. Rather than manipulating this material, he set out to uphold its integrity, guiding its reincarnation to new life.

His signature series consists of anatomical designs with biological alien forms protruding from the surface, giving the impression of creatures living under its skin.

Reconstructed leather is hand-stitched with soft refined leather and punctuated with custom-made metal components which is a trademark of his. Choosing quality leather is an essential and selective process to create generational pieces imbued with a lifetime promise.

Post-Apocalyptic Clothing

A symphony of reconstructed fabrics, leather detailing, scratched textures, and complex silhouettes, reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic universe.

Visionary Jewelry

A synergetic merging of fractal patterns and bio-organic shapes. Fusing the old with the new, he combines 3D printing technology and traditional wax carvers to form intricate wax prototypes that are cast and hand-finished.